In Shubawa you can find ecological shoes, bags and accessories.

Shubawa is an online shop that offers shoes, bags and accessories that are produced ethically and with respect for the environment and human Rights. Our catalogue has high quality and is unique for the Scandinavian market.


Sneakers made of canvas or leather, espadrilles, sandals, ballerinas, boots, handbags, shoulder bags, bicycle bags, laptop cases, wallets, necklaces, bracelets and belts.


Cork, organic cotton, wool, vegetable tanned leather, coconuts fibre, natural latex, recycled banners and tyres, upcycled ring-pulls… amazing material, don’t you think?


High quality, comfort, a modern design and most importantly, environmenatlly friendly.


Shubawa loves urban fashion, originality, customer service, environment and ethical shopping.

  1. Urban fashion: we are constantly looking for the trends that are the “hottest” and try to get some of the coolest models for our catalogue..
  2. Originality: If you are tired of the same old story, check our products, as we are sure that you will find something that you have never seen before in the market.
  3. Customer service: you are the most important part of our work, and all we do aims to provide the best service possible so you get satisfied.
  4. Environment: Maybe the most important value of all. We only want to offer products that have, to some extent, a deep respect for nature. They may be produced using ecological materials, or recycled ones, or the production process is clean… whatever their approach, they must have an ecological side (or many).
  5. Ethical shopping: we believe that the products that we buy should have a deep respect for the workers that have produced them. A shoe is not nice, or beautiful if someone in its production process has been suffering in any way. Therefore we only work with companies that ensure good working conditions to their workers.


If you don’t want to follow the mainstream, and want to have some product that enhances your style, check our catalogue and maybe you will find that something that suits you.


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Rasmy and the Shubawa Team