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  1. Vivobarefoot Trail Freak L Ruby

    Vivobarefoot Trail Freak L Ruby

    1 199,00 kr

    // Trail Running med optimerad barfota känsla, struktur och andningsförmåga. En lätt och luftig sko med naturlig passform för alla fötter som älskar terräng. LearnMore

  2. Vivobarefoot One L Black

    Vivobarefoot One L Black

    1 249,00 kr

    // Ultimate on-road / in-gym barefoot performance vegan shoe. Three years in our heads, careful optimisation on the plantar pressure plate, and months of road testing. Two feet: ONE shoe. With V web lamination upper and soft-fit lining, the ONE is fine-tuned for a pure barefoot experience. So take to the streets and let your feet do what they... LearnMore

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