A sugar free life

I love sugar, I love chocolate and I love eating cakes and cookies. But I also know that refined sugar is very bad for our health, and can lead to many problems including diabetes or caries. I have almost removed all carbonated drinks from my diet and nowadays I rarely drink one. That is a step forward, but I know that is not enough especially when I eat ice-cream for dessert or candy in the middle of the day.

Not being a nutrition expert, I understand that we need sugar to function, otherwise our muscles and brain will run out of energy and will not be able to work properly. However, there is more sugar than the one found in cakes. Fruit, milk and even some vegetables such as broccoli and carrots are packed with sugar that can be absorbed by our bodies in a better and healthier way than refined sugar. Nowadays, however, we eat way too much sugar. According to the WHO organization, as much as 10% or the energy intake should come from sugar and ideally it should be reduced to 5%. I countries like the UK, sugar represents about 15% of the total energy intake.

There is a movement that is becoming very popular: the sugar free diet. There are plenty of websites that can provide full information about this and how to have a life free of sugar. According to those who have tried, they enjoy many improvements in their lives such as:

  • Reduce risk for sugar related diseases such as diabetes, obesity or cavities.
  • Weight loss.
  • A more emotionally balanced life.
  • Feel more energetic.
  • Better sleep
  • Save some money.
  • Avoid artificial preservatives.

There are some good website, blogs and articles that talk about this issue in Swedish:





What is your opinion? Have you tried? Please share your ideas and comments here!