The Nature can be a dangerous place to live in. It is full of violence and survival instinct, but it can also give us some of the most beautiful moments and images of love, community, friendship and humanity that we will ever be able to see. Here are some of them that will help us understand better where we come from and why we should do our best to preserve it, not only for our own survival, but also for the right of these wonders to survive us. We chose 10, but there are literally millions that could be posted here. Feel free to share your favourite with us!

1.- Pamukalle, Turkey

Pamukkale Turkey

2.- Musk oxes in the Artic

Musk oxes in the Artic


3.- Marine Iguana

Marine iguana


4.- Grizzly bears

Grizzly bears


5.- Fighting tigers in India

Fitghting tigers


6.- Lion family


7.- Elephants:

 Elephants essence


8.- A dugong



9.- The desert


10- Foggy Swedish Forest

Foggy swedish forest