Today I found by accident a ver interesting US website that I am considering to recreate in Sweden. It is called Green Washing Index, and their purpose is to public companies that label themselves as "eco" and let the consumers rate the accuracy of that statement. The mechanisim is simple:

  1. Pick and ad that you have seen on tv, newspaper or any other channel where a company claims to be doing all or part of their activity in a environmentally friendly way.
  2. Post the ad in their website and rate the accuracy of what they are advertising.
  3. Others can rate and comment on the ad so after many have contributed, we will be able to see if the ad was close to the truth of their activity or if otherwise, the compaby is trying to mislead the potential customers.

I find greenwashing a very disturbing practice, specially as the owner of a shop that tries to offer ecological products, as sometimes I can also be decieved by false advertisement. We all want to reduce our footprint and some of us are willing to pay an extra price to buy ethically. However, some evil companies (large, medium or small, makes no difference), try to lead us into a mistake and charge us with a price that doesn't correspond with how their product was actually manufactured. So, they manage to keep their costs down, as they don't care so much about Nature, but put their price high as they know how good we are.

What do you think about that? Should a website like Green Washing Index be done in Sweden to follow and rate the ads of the Swedish companies that caim to be ecological?

You can see some examples of greenwashing done by two companies in very different sectors. The first one tries to make us believe that Seven Up is a natural drink. The second gives the message that BP is leaving behind their business with petroleum. What do you think?