Following good examples of other cities like Göteborg or Lund, Malmö wants to improve its technology and IT system so the energy consumption is reduced in key areas such as transportation, industry, public institutions and the entire city infrastructure. The main objective is to reduce the CO2 emissions of the city's IT sector by 30% in 2020. You can check more information in their website.


They recommend to follow tips such as the ones offered by Naturskyddsforeningen in this website (in Swedish), where we can find good ideas on how to travel on holidays, have a cliamte-smart house, make our work place more respectfull to the Environment or how to choose wisely our food and clothes.

Wether you like in Malmö or in any other city in Sweden, it is worth checking their website and ideas in order to be more environmentally friendly in our daily lifes, which in the end, can create a better future for our kids!