Humans have evolved over the last two million years to become the only upright, bipedal, running primates. We have been walking on nothing or very thin soles for millennia, until recently. Just a couple of centuries ago, we, humans, decided to put a distance between the floor and our feet. And that was a big mistake. Probably it was necessary, as we needed to protect our feet from the hard objects in the ground and our technology was not advanced enough to create the right soles. Until now.

Humans naturally display three forms of locomotion: walking, running and sprinting. Each form has distinct biomechanical characteristics in terms of the body’s posture (kinematics) and the subsequent loading of the body’s structure (kinetics). Proprioceptive feedback from the feet informs the brain of the forces encountered (plantar pressure) and triggers a change to the most appropriate form of locomotion. Unfortunately, the science behind most modern running shoes is almost entirely based on manipulating these forces via ‘motion control’ and ‘shock absorbing’ technologies. And this is why, despite over 25 years of research and application in this field, the percentage of runners suffering from injuries has not decreased. Perhaps even worse, there is little understanding of the mechanics of even the most common running injuries.

Vivobarefoot has developed a great technology that allows us to be more in contact with our roots without risking our health. In fact, thanks to these models, many of our nearly forgotten senses will come back to us. We have forgotten how to walk and how to run as we used to do. The basic rules of their shoes are:

  1. The shoe must allow for sensory feedback.
  2. The shoe must protect your foot from the environment.
  3. The shoe’s weight must not unbalance your foot’s natural position.
  4. Your foot should not be restricted in any way by the shoe.

So, one very good way to get started into going barefoot (again), is to try a pair of Vivobarefoot and walk. Just walk, no need to run yet. But even in the hardest winter season, there is an option: the Vivobarefoot Scott. The perfect boot for men that will keep you warm, drya, comfortable and will make you have the barefoot feeling that we should have never lost.

These boot can be found online in, that offers free delivery and return, so you can try at home the wonders of these shoes.